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The Man Behind the Bar

   My name is Elad Alalouf and I started this company to further express and pursue my passion for bar tending. When I was 18 I experienced my first live bar show and from that day on I became obsessed and grew a real love for the art. I immediately started learning the art of FLAIR bar tending and with lots of hard work, dedication ,and not to mention, blood, sweat, and tears I made it to the world completion of FLAIR and continued to attend for next 15 years. After 15 years I decided to take my dream further and provide good quality bar products for anyone who may have similar dreams or simply for those who love to make great cocktails.

Our Bar services

Todays industries revolving around alcohol are progressively diversifying in their  approach, development, and ingenuity.our goal here at Bar Products Israel is to give you the best quality bar equipment to help you achieve your goals in today and tomorrow's growing bar and alcohol culture. To help you attain your barman goals we offer top of the line products such as shakers,strainers, spoons,jiggers in different shapes, sizes, and colors plus many other unique products to give your creation it's final touch.  our products are made out of high end stainless steal, copper, and many other varying materials. We love and appreciate our customers so much that we are now offering our products worldwide and at a cost efficient price to make everyone's dreams capable